TipBot is now Discord Verified

Important Public Service Announcement for TipBot

2 min readJun 7, 2020

This message goes out to every single one of you in our cryptocurrency Discord servers to raise awareness about the one and only TipBot we have all come to know and love. Did you know that you can get an invite link to invite TipBot to a new server by direct messaging the bot with the command ‘.invite’? You can also write the message ‘.invite’ in the bots channel to get a link there.

We are calling out for everybody’s help with doing this so that we can see the TipBot’s usage explode to new heights globally. All we really need you to do is invite the TipBot to other discord servers that it is not yet in so that we can continue to teach people around the world that cryptocurrency transacting can be quick, easy, and user-friendly. This TipBot allows you to send crypto coins to anyone on Discord, 24/7, with no fee due to the utilization of off-chain tipping.

The TipBot also includes a built-in faucet feature that is an engaging way for getting newbies started with learning how to navigate the bot’s system and giving them possibly their first ever crypto coins to mess around with. This faucet operates by the user command ‘.take’ and when utilized it gives out a small stack of a random coin absolutely free (one of WRKZ, DEGO, BTCMZ, TRTL, and DOGE respectively). This command is currently able to be used once every 24 hours.

On the flip side, if you’re feeling generous you can tip the TipBot directly with one of those coins and it will be added into the faucet’s stockpile. In the same giving spirit, you can also directly donate any of the supported cryptocurrencies directly to the TipBot’s open source developer (@pluton#8888 on discord [id: 386761001808166912]) using command ‘.donate’ to help keep the bot up and running for the long run.

Pluton says that ultimately his main goal is to spread awareness of cryptocurrency through tips and get more people from all over the world involved. As always you can type command ‘.help’ to see a full list of all the command prompts provided by this impressive bot! Thanks for reading our special announcement and don’t forget to invite!!

Current TipBot Stats as of June 7th 2020

Discord Servers Currently in: 159

Total Users Online: 22,773

Total Unique Users: 175,907

Total Discord Channels Spanned: 6,239

Documentation: https://github.com/wrkzcoin/TipBot

TipBot Video Tutorial:


Discord TipBot Verification Explained:





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