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A hard fork is coming

It’s that time of the year again. We cooked for you a new DeroGold release, which we numbered v0.6.0.

Let’s have a quick look what’s new in the release and what actions you need to take before we hit block 2,420,000 in about 10 days from now (at the time of writing this post that is).

Algo change

First, let’s start with the most important news. Our algo which we use for the Proof of Work — the way miners mine our blocks — changes to Cryptonight UPX, also referred to as cn-upx/2. Why?

We have been on our original algo Cryptonight-turtle…

Hello to all you loyal DeroGold Medium followers and hello to you new readers as well. Finally, the year is 2021 and we are all happy about that but it has been a while since you have heard an update officially from us. As you may have noticed, we started a new vlog series for documenting building islands on our YouTube channel linked here:

TipBot is now Discord Verified

This message goes out to every single one of you in our cryptocurrency Discord servers to raise awareness about the one and only TipBot we have all come to know and love. Did you know that you can get an invite link to invite TipBot to a new server by direct messaging the bot with the command ‘.invite’? You can also write the message ‘.invite’ in the bots channel to get a link there.

We are calling out for everybody’s help with doing this so that we can see the TipBot’s usage explode to new heights globally. All we really…

Image courtesy of Cointelegraph

Over the past year, we have seen some heavy use of our DeroGold network. At the time of writing this article, our network has processed more than 29.1 million transactions (27.5 million excluding coinbase transactions). That is, for example, 10x more than the Monero network processed last year.

While we were excited to see such a heavy use of our network, we had to come up with a sustainable concept that would ensure our network is not abused, attacked and misused by individuals who would send transactions between their wallets using automated scripts, which would lead to blockchain bloat.


We slammed on the brakes and slowed down. Twice.

As you may know, we decided to slow down DeroGold to 300 seconds difficulty target recently at block 2,325,000.

Why we did we decide to slow down DeroGold? We covered that topic in the following Medium post here:

During the January meet up with @Rogerrobers and @Morpheus, we agreed on the parameters for 2020 and beyond, and finally prepared the core software release at the time of the fork in March.

I wanted to squeeze out quite a few things into this fork — not only changing difficulty target, but…

Time to Slow Down DeroGold

Here in this article, we would like to provide you with a background for the reasons why there was a decision to slow down DeroGold from the current 20 seconds difficulty target (block time) to 300 seconds.

There were a number of reasons for this decision; now to go through each of these.

Recently, I (Rogerrobers), Morpheus and LeoCuvee, all met up to talk shop and eat some good food too. We found ourselves by chance all within close proximity of each other for a short period of time and decided it would be good if we all gathered together and discussed the future of DeroGold.

The day of the meetup Leo and I drove to meet Morpheus at his place and then Morpheus had the brilliant idea of going to get some grub so where else did we decide but a Chinese buffet. …

As you may know, today marks one year to date since we started DeroGold.

In boring numbers, we just passed block 1,900,000 the day before DeroGold’s first birthday. We clocked a hefty 21.3 million (yes!) transactions on the network, and our blockchain grew to an unbelievable 250GB.

Most of the year we focused on keeping DeroGold going, against all odds. We just decided not to give up no matter what. No matter what, you may ask what happened in the first year of DeroGold?

One year ago to date, we started fast and furious. In the first few months, we…


The DeroGold Association is the future of crypto today and we welcome you aboard.

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